...EVEN IN 2019.

Do you wonder: did Facebook Ads stop working? Now that we’re in 2019, is it time to find “the next hot thing”?

Well, lovely, the good news is that the answer is NO. In fact, my last campaign’s ROI was at 500%. (Update as of Jan. 2019) The ads have not stopped working. They are changing, and they might not be as “anyone can do it even if they're not quite sure what they’re doing” as it was before. But for those who know how to work the FB Ads tools, it’s quite the opposite. They’re working just fine, and if applied right, creating even stronger connections, engagement and lifelong raving customers.

What do you need to see that for yourself?

Is a FB Ads manager who knows what they’re doing and is passionate about every aspect of running ads to come into your business and work with your existing team in helping you maximise the benefits, completely taking over managing of the ads A-Z, and figuring out strategies and tweaks that will help not only your ads campaigns, but your business as a whole.

And I’m here to help you with all of that!

Hey there, my name is Kat Bern and I’m a Facebook Ads Specialist and all things Online+Business+Marketing Consultant, helping you to scale your online business to beyond 7 figures and increase your revenue from FB/IG ads leads with a tailor-made Facebook Ads strategy that simply WORKS.

I have 5+ years of training, practice and consultancy under my belt, working with online entrepreneurs from across all fields and of all sizes, from 6 to 7+ figures. 

I’ve designed campaigns that lead to:
-converting cold traffic into tens of thousands of leads for as little as under $1.34/lead while sticking to quality over quantity! (updated Jan. 2019)
-having managed multiple $100k campaign spends that lead to a $1mil+ launch every time,
-bringing in up to 1,556% ROI on ad spend (updated stat for 2018 - in 2019 500% so far and counting),
-placing a newly published book on #1 Amazon bestsellers list (for both US & UK) in less than 24h,
-closing a launch with $2.5mln in sales.

And my experience in creating strategies and having personally managed almost $1mil in ad spend responsible for those results has brought me to package all of this knowledge and offer a VIP Facebook Ads Management service for scaling your business beyond 7 figures... a service tailored to your needs.
So if you’ve been feeling like your Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns have been sucking the life out of you lately, between worrying if your FB Ads will bring a good ROI, or if your FB Ads person actually knows what they're doing, and you’re ready to expand and grow your audience with quality leads while keeping the ROI numbers positive and growing… then you’re in the right place.

I am here to take over your FB & IG Ads related tasks, get cosy in your Asana, and take off any limits off of your Ads Manager, and get you a stream of ready-to-buy leads knocking on your doors without making your hair turn grey.

What would you do if your every Monday started from a Facebook Ads report that brought a smile onto your face? How would it feel if next time you close a launch the ads revenue will show more than a few pennies and you could actually SEE the ads working? What would you do if you could scale your business and reach hundreds of thousands people more than you currently are, WHILE maintaining a profit? 

VIP Facebook Ads Management
We’ll discuss your goals, ad spend budget and I’ll meet the relevant people on your team (your tech VA, copywriter, designer - or if you don’t have one of those, I can make suggestions). 

I’ll take over the strategy creation and implementation and brief everyone on your team with what I’ll need to make those things happen. (All I need is an Asana project for FB ads and access to your Slack to reach people if needed.)

I’ll oversee the creative process, giving feedback on copy and images along the way, making sure that everything we’re going to put out there is tailored to your voice, mission, FB Ads strategy AND that it’s presented in a way that will have the biggest impact on each of the platforms (FB vs. IG).

We’re going to set-up proper tracking that works (customers come to me saying FB’s tracking is all off, and then I tweak things and find bigger system-related problems that lead to mis-reporting, which solves the issue not just for ads, but for the entire business - trust me, FB’s tracking is not that off ;)) and split-tests to see what your audience is responding to best.

And then, I take over, working with your customer support, training them on how their support role can help convert future clients, and with your tech support for troubleshooting if needed.

But here is where my job comes into a completely different level than most advertisers are willing to dive into: I personally do DAILY monitoring and tweaking of all your ads, learning about your audience in 24h increments, strengthening my knowledge about what is working FOR YOUR AUDIENCE, which strategies are creating almost viral traction, which segments are converting, which audiences then go on to open your emails (noone wants leads that never actually find and open your emails, right?) and optimise the entire campaign for audiences that are your ideal clients in the making.

And this is my favourite part of the job. I am deeply passionate about every single aspect of FB Ads. It’s like Mark Zuckerberg created a PERFECT job for my unique strengths and interests:

I'm creative and can come up with ideas for different angles for how to present your lead magnet or promotional webinar (briefing and overseeing design + creation process),
I am super analytical - data driven decisions are my non-negotiable (split-testing, audience analysis + tracking),
I speak 4 languages and can perceive the subtleties of how changing one expression can change the entire feel of your ad and lead to more sign-ups (careful copy proofing + tweaking with the copywriter),
Facebook Ads change all the time and I keep up learning (one of my Core Desired Feelings is GROWING, and so I love to keep up with Facebook’s changes, talk to Facebook about new features before they even get released and take the time to understand how every feature works on the back-end so that I can apply them in the best way possible for your business). 
So you no longer have to be worried that the next Facebook’s change is going to make your results drop. I want you focused on creating content and products, not worrying about how strategy or tactics might be changing. I’ll let you know exactly what I need (and answer any of your questions), but you can sleep well knowing you are so.taken.care.of. 
Plus, here’s a bonus for you, conscious, abundance-mindset, purpose-driven CEO: I work on my mindset ALL the time. By investing in working with me you get an ally, a strategist, someone who GETS what it takes to run and grow a business and wants to do the best by it.

​​​​​​​AND - and I’ll do this whether you believe in it or not, you’ve got nothing to lose - I actually do things like reiki and energy editing on making sure that I am fully aligned with your mission, your growth and that there is nothing stopping me energetically to perform my job as well as it’s possible.

(Yeah, I said it. I’m totally woo-woo. And don’t worry, if it’s not your cup of tea, I won’t try to convince you to do anything or won’t even talk about it unless you ask, but that’s who I am and that’s what I do to align myself with the best growth possibilities for every campaign.)
And last but not least, I value integrity. The power of Facebook Ads is huge and I realise it. And it is my mission to uplift people, so I am committed to working with entrepreneurs who are ethical and are looking to create positive change in the world. 

​​​​​​​So if you’re ready to scale your business beyond 7 figures (or you just know it’s time to take action on proper Facebook ads)...

If you want someone to “own” the whole lead generation process for you and take initiative and work with you to create a solid path for new people to find you, your business and your products…

If you want to make sure that when you launch no stone gets unturned and the right people truly know and understand what you’ve got to offer and the opportunity cost for them if they don’t purchase your product, so that you get to help more people…

And if you KNOW that it’s your time to take bold actions and step up your game so that you can keep growing your business in a sustainable way, and you see that Facebook ads is THE best way to attract new audiences into your world…

...then fill out the contact form below now and let's schedule a call to talk and see how I can help you achieve your big goals:
"It can be easy in the marketing world to get swayed by all of the buzzwords that are thrown around...ninja...hack...superhero...and while I’m certainly not knocking the enthusiasm behind these words, what do they really mean? Being able to put your money where your mouth is is far more important to me. I am lucky enough to have been connected with Kat, and now, it would be a personal challenge for me to trust my Facebook advertising with anyone else — not just because she’s the best in the biz at what she does, but because she goes beyond just checking the boxes and calling it a day. Kat is engaged, highly organized, detail oriented, driven by facts and data, and brings so much light, energy, and joy to the team she’s a part of.

“Ridiculously brilliant and efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about launching a global brand with Kat Bern. Working with Kat was effortless and her work was critical to the success of our 7-figure launch of Narrative Coach featuring the work of thought leader, Dr. David Drake. Our launch would not have been the most profitable launch to date without Kat’s deep, working-knowledge of complex ad strategy, audience segmentation, lead generation and targeting, and pinpointing content that moves people to act. Our launch stats speak for themselves. With nearly half (46% to be exact!) of revenue coming from Facebook ads, 39% of all opt-ins, and 564% ROI (yes, that’s the right number!), it’s easy to say that Kat is more than a ninja, she’s more than a superhero, she’s someone who knows what they are doing and gives her work her all. The impression she’s made on me moves far beyond her professional expertise — I’m humbled by the work that Kat does because above all, she cares."​​​​​​​

Anna Ash, Program Director of 'Narrative Coach', World Business & Executive Coach Summit

"I think Kat's a bit of wonderful secret.

I've worked with many people on Facebook Ads and she's the real deal
She takes her time to understand what the ads need to achieve, she understands nuances in CTA's, copy, imagery and won't hold back if she thinks you've got it wrong.

If you need results from your Facebook ads from someone who get's it, Kat's your girl."

Gemma Went, gemmawent.co.uk

"Kat is exceptionally organised, a clear communicator, excellent strategist and a Facebook ads unicorn. She goes above and beyond to deliver incredible support and strategic insights, and is rightly in demand due to her talents. This lady is a pleasure to know, wonderful to work with, and is one of my favourite humans."

Jo Gifford, dexterousdiva.co.uk &
"Kat makes everything so easy! She took control of the whole Facebook ad campaign for the launch of my book Wealthology: The Science of Smashing Money Blocks.

Kat knows every piece of the puzzle, and how they work together.
I was seriously impressed by her dedication, her knowledge and her ability to make things happen fast. I highly recommend her!"

Michelle Lowbridge, michellelowbridge.com
"Kat is my secret weapon!
For the first time in two years, my Facebook ads are showing me the type of ROI that you've heard about, hoped and wished for and felt like you've been slapped in the face with a wet fish when once again you've lost yet another day in Power Editor and can't work out why the hell your ads are just not happening.

Kat literally 10x my investment in a week for me....I so wish I hadn't wasted so much of my life before I finally got my head around saying YES!"

Suzy Ashworth, suzyashworth.com