Q: "Kat, what tools & resources do you recommend for growing an online business?"

Good question, lovely.
I like an inquisitive mind. 
There are a few tools I couldn’t live without (I use them all personally) that I recommend to anyone who’ll listen. They all fall into a tech tools category.

I believe that you’ll never regret upgrading your tech tools, because making things easier, more efficient or automatic saves you time and money, leaving you free to do more of what you're great at (OR to take more time off ;)).

The following upgrades will catapult your growth and let you scale your business the fastest way possible.  They’re my “secret weapons”. And only the very best made the cut:
Proof (also known as Pulse)
If you’re looking at running Facebook Ads, you need your landing pages to convert as well as they can. Otherwise, you’re wasting money. Adding this tiny-but-mighty program to display social proof as and when people are opting-in increased mine (& my clients!) conversions by extra 15-20%. This tool is going to pay for itself by lowering your ad spend (extra leads for the same price, anyone?). But don’t take my word for it. Click here to get a free trial, add Pulse to your website in minutes (super simple to set-up) and see your conversions grow… by A LOT.

Another tool to make your landing pages stand out and convert. If you want to create highly-successful opt-in pages, LeadPages makes it easy. With pre-made conversion-optimised templates AND their drag&drop builder, you can do virtually anything without wasting days on misbehaving Wordpress themes. Have I mentioned that all you’ll create will be mobile optimised without any extra work (and can be easily viewed and tweaked to look the way you desire)? If you haven’t upgraded to LeadPages yet, consider this your sign. It’ll do your business a lot of good. Click here to get a free trial of LeadPages and start creating beautiful landing pages now.
Last but not least, THE powerhouse of your online business. Everything from managing your email list, automating sequences, tagging, creating membership sites, order forms and processing payments, all the way to tracking your marketing efforts, Ontraport is a destination for all online businesses that wish to go pro.
I’ve been using Ontraport since 2015 and love it! Want an all-in-one tool for managing your online business (regardless of your current list size)? Upgrade to Ontraport here (you can try it out with a no-credit-card-required free trial) and grow your business the way you've always meant to.
Are you ready to create a stream of ready-to-buy-from-you potential clients, all working for you "in the background", while you do what you love most? I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. In spite of general myths *I know* it’s not “set it once and go sip margaritas on the beach”. Yes, it does take up-front work to set your funnel up and make sure it works. But once you’re done, you’ll never again be dependent on the number of referrals for how well your business does each month.
To get started click the button below to download my free video-lesson "3 ways to make your Facebook ads convert without wasting thousands of dollars".