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In spite of new social platforms coming and going, Facebook and specifically Facebook Ads are still THE most sought after and the most rewarding way to find new leads and bring in new clients.

Yet, times and times again business owners of all shapes and sizes come to me asking how to make Facebook Ads work for THEIR business, because they’ve seen no results.

Inevitably, it makes you wonder: do Facebook Ads only work for those big established names (with a team of 10 and a budget of $30k)?

Well, lovely, the good news is that the answer is NO. You don’t need any of those things. I’ve personally run and created strategies for campaigns that brought in 10x, 20x, or 50x of ROI. And I’ve tweaked hundreds of campaigns of budgets ranging from $200 to 6-figures and increased their results (regardless of their ad spend).

And I’ve taught my students to do the same.


Facebook Ads that WORK

Knowing how to run Facebook Ads is as much a science as it is art: you need to be able to read the numbers and know what they really mean, but also your creative elements (image, copy, page where you send traffic to) need to be compelling as well.

That's why getting input from an experienced Facebook Ads expert (someone who doesn't just teach this stuff, but actually runs ads, day in and day out, adapting strategies to changing times and testing new approaches every day, knowing what actually works and having the results to back it all up), can make a world of difference.

It's easy enough to follow the settings and set-up "something". But it's going to take more understanding to then take all those settings and use them to your advantage.

Because a few extra likes under your posts is not the goal.

The goal?

Business growth, achieving your goals, and (with your growing numbers) helping more and more clients with your product or service.

Are you ready to learn HOW?

In this FREE 30min lesson I'll show you 3 ways to make your ads convert (things I see a lot of people make mistakes with) so that you don't have to waste thousands of dollars and can wake up to ad results you've been dreaming of so much faster (AND cheaper).

Hi, I’m Kat Bern.

I'm a Facebook Ads Strategist and a sales funnel expert, helping you to grow your online business with a tailor-made Facebook Ads strategy that simply WORKS. For over 6 years now I have worked with online entrepreneurs from across all fields and all sizes, from small to multiple 7 figures, bringing in hundreds of thousands of new highly-targeted leads and helping turn them into customers, bringing consistent ROI. I've personally managed over $2million in ad spend and I continue to run campaigns for clients, while teaching how to run successful ads AND consulting on existing campaigns 1-on-1.

Have a look below at what people are saying about working with me:

Kat's a bit of wonderful secret.
- Gemma Went

Kat knows every piece of the puzzle, and how they work together. I was seriously impressed.
- Michelle Lowbridge

Kat literally 10x my investment in a week for me.... I so wish I hadn't wasted so much of my life before I finally got my head around saying YES!
-Suzy Ashworth

I've never met anyone who has such a passion for Facebook Advertising: the psychology of it, the systems, the testing. I have so much gratitude and so much awe for how amazing you are at it.
- Andrew Simpson, Marketing Director at Layla Martin

"Ridiculously brilliant and efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about launching a global brand with Kat Bern. Working with Kat was effortless and her work was critical to the success of our 7-figure launch, with nearly half (46% to be exact!) of revenue coming from Facebook ads, 39% of all opt-ins, and 564% ROI (yes, that’s the right number!)
- Anna Ash, Marketing Director at WBECS

Set yourself up for success and make sure you don't waste another dollar on Facebook.

Let me show you exactly how.

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