My name is Kat Bern.
And I’m so happy that something (or someone!) brought you all the way here. Because if there is one thing I know by now is that people who want to bring about change in their lives, do.

There is no other differentiator in life, only this: do you want what you want badly enough to bring it about? And if what you’re craving is a business that generates prospects for you "in the background," while you focus on what you do and love doing most, then that’s what you’ll have. I am sure of that.

And if you sometimes feel like “automation” is this idealised word that is great to aspire to, but that there is still a lot of hustle between where you are today and the day when you’ll be able to “afford” that luxury, then I am here to show you that you’re already there.
I create strategies that use the power of Facebook Ads and the unique-to-you funnels to automate the process of getting new customers as much as possible, leaving you time and energy to do what you do best: help people. And I know that’s exactly what you asked for when you’ve been visualising this freedom during your meditations. So consider this the answer you’ve been looking for.

I have thousands of hours of training, practice and consultancy under my belt, working with online entrepreneurs from across all fields and of all sizes, from small to multiple 7 figures.

I've designed campaigns that lead to:
- converting cold traffic into thousands of leads for as little as under $0.50 (£0.37),
- bringing up to 3,500% ROI in revenue,
- placing a newly published book on #1 Amazon bestsellers list (for both US & UK),
- closing a launch with $2.5mln in sales.

And my experience in creating strategies and managing ads responsible for those results has brought me to package all of this knowledge and create 1-on-1 sessions… tailored to your needs.

I want you to have the freedom you first set out to have when you decided to start your own business. Keep reading to find out how I've gotten to this point, what I'm planning next and where I can help take you, lovely.
My name is Kat and I love my freedom. (And coffee. And Gilmore Girls! And I would never say ’no’ to travel... But back to the point.)
I grew up in Poland in a family of musicians. Mum a pianist, dad a cellist, as a child ‘theatre' for me meant a great place to play hide-and-seek with my brother.

But I was fortunate enough to have parents who didn’t make me follow in their footsteps. “Follow your passion”, they said instead. And so I tasted freedom early on, trying my hand at things like batik, tango, poetry, higher-level maths, interior design or foreign languages (I know, quite a mix in here).

With time I learnt that if I wanted to keep my freedom (and I’ve grown very fond of it having lived in six different countries across Europe before I even graduated) AND combine all my passions of art, numbers and communication, I would have to create a job for myself.
Just like that quote goes - so often cited on social media:
And so I did. When everyone I knew was applying for jobs in the City (London), getting promotions and going corporate, I kept my part-time Starbucks gig as a barista, started a business and spent every minute I could learning. Learning about marketing, social media, sales, triggers that make people buy. Anything I could put my hands on.
I even flew all the way from London to San Diego to mastermind with Amy Porterfield, from whom I was fortunate enough to learn the art and power of Facebook Ads.
I started working with a range of businesses, from small to really established 6 figure+ online brands, helping them create and set up their ads strategy and campaigns, as well as sales funnels and launches.
And while business was going really well, I started missing my feeling of freedom. Working on a few different schedules meant it was really hard to find a week off that wouldn’t overlap with somebody’s promotion that I was a part of.

And so I decided to take control of my own business model and create what I knew how to do best: a way to reach new potential clients - with Facebook Ads and "in the background." And have it run on my schedule, allowing me the freedom to travel again, while still helping other businesses grow.
Which is where you come in, lovely.

I love connecting with and strategising with fellow online entrepreneurs. I love looking in detail at how you come across to a new potential client. And I would love to help you grow your business and bring back the freedom to do what makes you you back to your business - with Facebook Ads and by automating the process as much as possbile.

Will you let me help you?

I look forward to getting to know you soon,
Kat xx
Are you ready to create a stream of ready-to-buy-from-you potential clients, all working for you "in the background", while you do what you love most? I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. In spite of general myths *I know* it’s not “set it once and go sip margaritas on the beach”. Yes, it does take up-front work to set your funnel up and make sure it works. But once you’re done, you’ll never again be dependent on the number of referrals for how well your business does each month.
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