You’ve run some Facebook Ads, but didn’t see a return on your investment. So why should you even keep pouring money into them, if you’re getting almost nothing in return? Are the few extra likes even worth it?
How would you like to leave the mystery behind, dropkick overwhelm and know exactly how to create a System that takes your investment into Facebook Ads and turns it into revenue, covering not only the investment, but actually brining in a return on top of that?  

And if you do know the structure of how to create such a System, do you have one? Or are you still stuck at trying to figure out what to do first?, and what steps you actually need to take (and in what order) to create it?
How would it feel if you finally #nailedit and started bringing in new sales, DIRECTLY from your Facebook Ads efforts?
I’ve got your back.
Create your own ROI System using Facebook Ads.
A 65min very visual video training that covers it all.

This training features
- a lot of easy to understand mind maps where I walk you through
how does an ROI System work,
where you get your investment back
- and where you make a return on it. 

I’ve broken down this masterclass into small tasks that will leave your to-do list feeling light and doable. As a result, we'll add momentum into your business, putting you immediately into action mode.
I’ll walk you through how do all the pieces of the puzzle work together AND, equally important (if not more), I’ll take you step-by-step through all the actions that you need to take (and in what order), so that you can get your ROI System set up in the next 2-4 weeks
Loose the overwhelm and KNOW what goes into putting solid foundations and how to create a System that will bring you a return-on-investment the moment you turn on your Facebook Ads. (oh, the glory!
Find out all the steps, even the ones that are not obvious, but are the essential foundational work in order to make your offers convert and your sales increase. 
My name is Kat Bern and I’m a Facebook Ads Strategist. And in the past years I’ve created countless ROI Systems for and with my clients. Systems that feed off Facebook Ads and bring back up to 10 times of the initial investment on the other side. 
How would you like to bring in extra revenue into your business every week? Every day even?
With Facebook Ads AND having an ROI System in place, this is the new reality of making business.
And now I want you too to have such a system, so that you can start seeing the benefits of Facebook Ads for yourself.
Don’t get stuck on unimportant details, know where to pay attention and get your own ROI System done in the next 2-4 weeks, with this exact step-by-step training for what to do, why and in which order. Join now with the button below.
One-time $97 payment, immediate access to the training.
What will happen next:
Click any of the JOIN NOW buttons and you’ll be taken to a 100% secure checkout page where you'll fill out your name, email and card details. Press the BUY NOW button at the bottom of that page. After payment has been processed, you’ll be automatically redirected to the course’s site where you'll create your own login and password to access the course. And voilà! You can log in and watch the training immediately, or come back to it later if that suits your schedule. 
And just to pre-empt some of your questions, here is a little brainstorm from me on who I’d like to see join this course, and who, frankly, shouldn’t bother. (After all, I am sharing this because I want you to succeed. So let’s make sure we’re the right fit first.)
‘Create your own ROI System using Facebook Ads’ is perfect for you if you are:
- an entrepreneur who offers either online products, 1-on-1 services, group coaching offers etc.
- curious how to turn your investment into Facebook Ads into actual revenue coming into your business,
- motivated to leverage your business and increase your income,
- ready to take the next step of putting a full sales system into your business.
If however, right now you:
- are not committed to bringing in revenue into your business,
- don’t have a business at all (and maybe I should’ve started there),
- are not willing to put in the work to actually build an ROI System that will turn new leads coming from Facebook into buyers,
- are looking for a silver bullet to get you rich quick without doing any work, 
then this course is not the right fit and I do not advise that you join.
But if you are an entrepreneur with an online business and a strong desire to create a different lifestyle for yourself and your family through increasing your revenue and leveraging your business, I would be honoured to help you create your own ROI System inside this course.
One-time $97 payment, immediate access to the training.
Also please note: This is NOT a course on Facebook Ads. I do not cover Facebook Ads in this training. This course is about the System you should have in place before you run Facebook Ads if you want to see a return on your investment.
Q: Does it make sense to do this course if I’ve only ever tried boosting posts, but never run any of the more complicated ads?

A: Yes, definitely! This course is the first step you should take before running Facebook Ads, especially if you’re just starting out. If you do this now, should you decide to learn more about Facebook Ads in the future, you’ll be able to bring in revenue straight away, so I’d say the sooner the better. 
Q: Will this ROI System work without Facebook Ads?

A: Actually, I’m glad you asked. Yes, it will. It’s like that: Facebook Ads are like fuel that creates momentum and gets your ROI System going. That’s why they are so effective together, because you’ll see the results quickly and you’ll be able to attract new people into your email list whenever you want to, without needing to wait for organic traffic. But if you’re getting a lot of traffic into your website already, OR are only just thinking about learning how to use Facebook Ads in the future, this is a perfect time to get started and lay down the foundations, which will make any work with Facebook Ads that you might do in the future so much more effective.
Q: What do I need to have in place already, in order to implement my own ROI System after taking this course?

A: At this point you should have a website and an email list. Everything else needed for the ROI System we’ll work through inside the training. But your own website and an email list are something that you should have already.
Q: Is it true that Facebook Ads only work when you have thousands of dollars to spend on them?

A: Absolutely not. When I first started running Facebook Ads for myself, I spent $25 and brought in $550. And I grew it from there. But guess what? The $550 that came into my business? ALL from an ROI System I had set up before I spent money on ads. 
One-time $97 payment, immediate access to the training.
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