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Q: "Kat, what tools & resources do you recommend for growing an online business?"

Good question, lovely.
I like an inquisitive mind. 
There are a few tools I couldn’t live without (I use them all personally) that I recommend to anyone who’ll listen. All of those secret weapons could be divided into 2 categories: tech tools and mindset upgrades.

I think that as business women we will never regret upgrading our mindset (I truly believe that personal growth lies at the core of business growth) and our tech tools (making things easier, automatic & more efficient saves you time and money). 

Mindset & tech tool upgrades will catapult your growth and let you scale your business the fastest way possible.

Which is why the following are my “secret weapons”. And only the very best of my favourite resources have made the cut:
My secret mindset weapon #1 - Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp (aka Lucky Bee Bootcamp)
Denise Duffield-Thomas is a genius at helping you improve your relationship with money, both personally and as a business. And her amazing tribe of Lucky Bees is one of the most inclusive and supportive communities online. I think this course should be a prerequisite for all business women out there, no matter what your current relationship with money is. Click here to get Denise's FREE manifesting course and find out how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve your money goals.
My secret mindset weapon #2 - monthly Money Block Busting Session with Jenna Leigh
Jenna uses her Energy Editing & intuitive skills and her down-to-earth accountant perspective to help you discover and break through blocks holding you back from making real financial progress. It's like magic. It's real. It's effortless. It's kinda awesome. You’ve gotta try a session to experience it for yourself, really. Go here and choose "Money Block Busting Session" for details and booking.
My secret mindset weapon #3 - daily support with Katy Moses' Reiki Joy Tribe
A while ago no matter what I did, I used to feel anxious. Every. Single. Day. That’s no way to run a business. I knew my goals and I had the skills, yet still I felt anxious and worried. Until I tried Katy’s daily support with her Reiki Joy Tribe. I feel SO much calmer now, I can’t even remember what anxious feels like anymore. Inside the tribe Katy sends distance healing & support to you and your chosen goals and intentions every-single-day. And have I mentioned it’s only $19/month? Now THAT is a no-brainer upgrade, which will catapult your growth. Nowadays I don’t make a move without updating my goals and intentions with Katy. You too can join, right here.
Tech tools
The first thing people see after clicking your ad is most likely a landing page. LeadPages makes sure your landing pages are super-easy to create, optimised for conversions and effortless at managing, tracking stats and just about anything else you’ll need to run successful Facebook ads campaigns. If you haven’t upgraded to LeadPages yet, consider this your sign. It will do you a lot of good. Click here to get LeadPages.
The powerhouse of your online business. Everything from managing your email list, automating sequences, tagging, creating membership sites, order forms and processing payments, all the way to tracking your marketing efforts, Ontraport is a destination for all online businesses that wish to go pro. I’ve been using Ontraport for over a year now and I’m not going back. Want an all-in-one tool for managing your online business? Upgrade to Ontraport here.
A hosting company dedicated to managing Wordpress sites - those guys *know* what you need in order to run your business without drama. With hosting packages that won’t shut off your site if your content happens to go viral (halleluyah!), a faster loading time (did you know that changing your hosting might speed up your site’s loading time? when I moved I was actually able to SEE the difference! how cool is that?), automated back-ups (one less thing to remember) & First Class security to guard you from any attacks, Flywheel will be like a solid roof over your digital home. Oh, and did I mention they’ll move your site onto their servers for you if you want? You won’t have to lift a finger. Switch to a better, safer "digital-roof”/hosting here.