Are you fed up of wasting hundreds of dollars on Facebook without getting that flood of new subscribers you’ve been hoping for?

Or maybe you want to try Facebook ads, but are hopelessly overwhelmed and have no idea how or even where to start... or what the heck a "pixel" is?

After all, a few new likes aren’t worth much if your calendar isn’t exploding with new bookings and your PayPal isn’t pinging with new sales.

So you wonder: do Facebook ads only work for those big, established names (with a team of 10, a professional photoshoot and a budget of $30k)?

Well, lovely, the good news is that the answer is NO. You don’t need any of those things.

All you need?

Is an expert to step in, take you by the hand and lovingly walk you through the whole process.

Because growing your business with Facebook ads doesn’t have to be daunting, scary and a painful pull-out-your-hair what-the-heck-is-a-pixel process that takes 8 months for you to optimise.

In fact, it can be quick, fun and highly efficient if you finally stop “winging it” and trying to figure it all out on your own, while wasting a lot of your hard-earned cash in the process.

And I'm here to help you with all of that!

Hey there, my name is Kat Bern and I’m a Facebook Ads Strategist and a sales funnels expert, helping you to grow your online business and increase your revenue with a tailor-made Facebook ads strategy that simply WORKS.

I have thousands of hours of training and consultancy under my belt, working with online entrepreneurs from across all fields and of all sizes, from small to multiple 6 figures. And my experience in managing ads, converting cold traffic into new leads for as little as under $0.50, and bringing in up to 10 times ROI in revenue has brought me to package all of this knowledge and create Facebook Ads Course... like no other training out there.

So if you’ve been feeling like your business is sucking the living life out of you lately, between working for your clients, and the getting of new clients, and the social media, and just about everything else in between… then you’re in the right place.

I am here to show you how to get a stream of ready-to-buy leads knocking on your online doors without breaking the bank.

And, lovely, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can turn things around within a few short weeks! Trust me. 

I’ve done it. My clients have done it. It is not some hocus-pocus wishing & hoping that gets your Facebook Ads campaign converting into paying clients. It’s a solid strategy that leaves no stone unturned.

Because the problem is that when you rely on referrals to fill your calendar with new clients, it’s not up to you whether you smash your money goal for the month or do rather meh.. financially. Leaving the fate of your business in the hands of past clients is giving your power away!

But when you decide to take control and apply a Facebook ads strategy that brings in quality leads into a you-nique sequence, showing your soon-to-be clients who you are, how you work and what problem you can solve for them, then every month can be your best month.

What would you do if each month you’d reach your goal? …or even surpass it?

And how would you like to have peace of mind, knowing that you’re generating those quality leads every single day, kind of "in the background", while you go about your life?

While doing what you love most, working with your clients, creating valuable products AND taking actual days off (instead of constantly promising yourself that you'll step away from your laptop) - and yet - still crushing your money goals?

Introducing: Facebook Ads Course

Facebook Ads Course is a self-study, all-access course, where I show you step-by-step exactly how to set up and run successful Facebook Ads campaigns without feeling overwhelmed. In the course I’m giving you valuable tips and directions and step-by-step tutorials so that you always know what to do and how to use the ads to your advantage, employing the right Facebook Ads strategy for you and your business.

In the course I’m giving you valuable tips and directions and step-by-step tutorials so that you always know what to do and how to use the ads to your advantage, employing the right Facebook Ads strategy for you and your business.

Here's Everything You Get...

8 step-by-step lessons taking you through everything you need to know about: Sponsored Posts, Power Editor, Choosing the Right Objective, Facebook Pixel, Creating All Types of Audiences, Setting Up Ad Sets, Setting Up Ads and Daily Campaign & Budget Management, which you can complete at a completely flexible schedule, building your campaigns alongside the videos at the same (say no to overwhelm and always know what to do and how) [$997 value]

Checklists so that when you run campaigns again in the future, you always have a reminder of all the small steps you need to take (stay focused and organised) [$97 value] /The checklists will become two weeks after you join, so that you can go through the training material, without being tempted to jump to shortcuts without UNDERSTANDING how things work first./

Private Facebook Group for fellow students of the Facebook Ads Course for support and feedback along the way (have your most pressing questions answered within easy reach) [$297 value]

Lifetime access to ALL of the resources - you can log-in and revisit the classes at any point whenever you decide to run Facebook Ads campaigns in the future [$297 value]

Opportunity to join next editions of Facebook Ads Course at no extra cost (get the future updates for free) [$497 value]

Skills to transform your business by reaching thousands of highly-targeted people, helping you reach any of your business goals (saving you thousands on hiring a Facebook Ads Strategist EVERY TIME you want to run a campaign) [saving you thousands of dollars in the long run]

Knowledge and skills to make the best strategic decisions possible and to test your ideas without wasting money (avoiding costly mistakes along the way) [saving you thousands of dollard spent on Facebook Ads with no ROI]

Total Value: $2,185 plus thousands in long-term savings

After going through Facebook Ads Course you'll:

feel confident about creating a Facebook ads campaign by yourself, instead of hiring a team of 5 to run them for you and leave you penniless,

know exactly what to do next (and how) to make your Facebook ads CONVERT and flood your inbox with new sales,

master skills of not only running, but also mapping out successful Facebook Ads campaigns to help you GROW your list, ELEVATE your brand and GAIN new customers, 

gain clarity on all your questions that kept you stuck until now, getting actionable answers based on been-there done-that experience,

come out with a clear strategy and easy-to-implement steps to create a stream of ready-to-buy-from-you leads without wasting your dollars,

finally get rid of the overwhelm and not only understand, but also be able to successfully apply all the Facebook ads tools and functions that are relevant to you and your business.

 With Facebook Ads Course tere are two different options of support available to match your individual needs:

Facebook Ads Course:

If you're self-motivated and do well when learning by yourself following step-by-step tutorials, then this option is for you!

Facebook Ads Course comes with a private Facebook Group for you to brainstorm and ask questions with other like-minded individuals taking the course. The course itself is available for you to complete at a flexible schedule as soon as you join.  

Facebook Ads Course + three 1-on-1 Calls with Kat:

This option also comes with the private Facebook Group for all students. However, if you like individual attention and would like to discuss your business and your strategy in detail, choose the option of first taking the course, and then discussing your ideas and creating the best strategy possible, together with Kat, while implementing your first campaign during three 60min 1-on-1 calls.

I'll share my screen with you as I'm logged into YOUR Power Editor, looking directly under the hood of your campaigns and your results, giving you valuable tips and guidance. I'll answer all your questions relating to Facebook Advertising, but we can also discuss online marketing, funnel building and launching. Pick my brain as we map out a detailed plan to ELEVATE your brand and GROW your business.

Additional value of three 1-on-1 Calls package: $599

Total value of the course and support: $2,784

And all of that is available NOW, starting from only $997!

Payment Plans available to help you spread the investment across three months. Join Facebook Ads Course with one of the buttons below:


"The ads that I set up with Kat are outperforming everything I've ever done before crazy! I'm getting £0.17($0.21) per conversion to my Facebook Page right now. It's amazing!"

- Star Khechara,

"I loved being handheld and led through all the different settings and choices that would normally cause me to feel insecure and abandon the project completely. Now getting 0.58 per email address. Yay! Super happy with the progress. Thanks for your guidance!" 

Esther de Boer,

"I just had a training session with Kat Bern and wanted to recommend her. I feel we have improved a ton on my ads and have a bunch of new ideas for future campaigns."

Sarah Magdalena,

"I worked with Kat on my first Facebook ads and learned SO MUCH. I highly recommend her consulting. She's amazing. That great combination of analytical and marketing prowess." 

Laura Brandenburg,

"Thank you so much for your Facebook training call today, you explained how to set up the ads so simply and easily. I can't wait to have a go and start test driving them :) "

Jenna Leigh,

"Kat is exceptionally organised, a clear communicator, excellent strategist and a Facebook ads unicorn. She goes above and beyond to deliver incredible support and strategic insights, and is rightly in demand due to her talents. This lady is a pleasure to know, wonderful to work with, and is one of my favourite humans."

Jo Gifford,

"Kat makes everything so easy! She took control of the whole Facebook Ads campaign for the launch of my book Wealthology: The Science of Smashing Money blocks. Kat knows every piece of the puzzle, and how they work together. I was seriously impressed by her dedication, her knowledge and her ability to make things happen fast. I highly recommend her!"

Michelle Lowbridge,

"Working with Kat on Facebook ads for my launch was a dream come true! She's knowledgeable, organized, tech savvy, tireless, and a pleasure to work with. I love how Kat brought her all to the project - all her Facebook ads expertise, all her strategic ideas, and all her heart. I really felt like she was there for me every step of the launch, consistently over delivering and inspiring me to be my best. I'll never do a Facebook promotion without her!"

Annie Mascelli,

Ready to grow your business with Facebook Ads that give you results instead of migraines?

Then please make sure this program is the right fit for you:

Who is Facebook Ads Course for?

- If you've got a product or service that you're proud of,

- If you're tired of wasting money on ads that don't work without getting anything in return,

- If you're willing to commit to gaining a new skill with power to elevate your business, and find new clients,

- If you're ready to reach A LOT MORE of highly-targeted people with your business, your product, your message...

... then Facebook Ads Course is a perfect fit for you!

Who, then, is Facebook Ads Course NOT for?

- If you feel like you already know everything there is to know about Facebook Ads and aren't interested in exploring what it is you don't know yet that you don't know,

- If you are not open to growing and you're set in the way you've been doing business so far and are unwilling to change anything to test what will increase your results, 

- If you tend to blame others and look for excuses instead of taking responsibility for your actions and your results,

- If you feel like complaining about your Facebook Ads not bringing you results that you wanted is all the acion that you're willing to take at the moment...

... then Facebook Ads Course is not the right fit for you. (And please, consider those distinctions carefully before making a purchase.)

If you read this far and you know deep down in your heart that Facebook Ads Course WILL help you use ads confidently to REACH and ATTRACT new clients, I would be honoured to help you achieve your business goals by teching you to use Facebook Ads like a PRO.

Join Facebook Ads Course and GROW your business with Facebook Ads without wasting thousands of dollars in the process.

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